$BZUN I see BABA bouncing off the LOD. I see PDD up $6.00 and withing spitting distance of it's 52 Week High. I see BILI up on the day and close to it's 52 Week High. So, the Markets haven't totally abandoned Chinese Stocks. Market Makers in BZUN are a bunch of thieves, who like to pull all of their Bids and Short the living you know what out of this stock, which accounts for some wild swings. I believe that the Panic Sell Off in China stocks that started with a Bill before Congress, which is really weak but would actually improve accountability among Chinese companies, is merely a Buying Opportunity. Hence, I bought another 6,000 shares here at $26.00 to add to my 9,000 share collection at $28 - $29.00. GLTA!
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