$HEPA Novo Nordisk ($11.5 Billion Sales 2020 USD) expected to own the NASH Market with their prize late stage drug Ozempic at launch in 2026 when Hobbs was the CMO leading the charge at Novo bringing Ozempic to market…until February 2021 when he abruptly left Novo to become the CMO of Hepion. In February 2021, right at the time Mr. Hobbs arrived at Hepion, all PR communications on game changing developments with CRV431 impacting stock price mysteriously ceased. And when Novo superstar CMO Hobbs walked in February ‘21, 40 million newly issued shares walked out….to an undisclosed buyer who is either 1.) breaking the law, or 2.) has indemnity with legal protection permitting non-disclosure of ownership exceeding 5% of authorized shares (like during an M&A when special exemptions exist for sensitive disclosures). Crime solving 101: “Who Benefits?” if mngmnt had gotten 240m shares “to fight a hostile takeover” but “lost”? Clue : we’re probably looking for a simple, obvious answer…🤔
@5StarTrader Yup, semaglutide doesn't deal with the fibrosis, and despite claims to the contrary, neither do the two Gilead drugs they say they're planning to start a triple combo with before the end of the year. It's a very interesting situation..