$HEPA The Phase 2b ASCEND Trial is definitely going to start in Q1; there’s just too much money to be made to delay it. You simply don’t get Fast Track Approval for a 6 month delay. The fact that CMO Dr Todd Hobbs from Novo Nordisk has designed the P2b ASCEND Trial, will be conducting the trial, working w/ the FDA Fast Track advisory board, filing the BLA and guiding through approval tells me that a deal is in the works. It’s plausible the M&A deal is contingent on a “6 month interim look at the data”, to satisfy contract terms. Extrapolating from “We are interested in Partnerships” on the HEPA webpage leads to conjectures: It would not surprise me to learn Foster et al., have chosen a strategy for Hepion to become the Science R&D and AI-POWR Center. Major Partnerships for Rencofilstat would: Secure fully funded trials; global trial status; global market access and global revenue upon the myriad of product launches w/a major stake in $$$. This achieves Foster’s stated goals