$HEPA This 2 year Downtrend Channel shown (it’s actually been in place almost 3 years) that the Crime Syndicate Cabal have all conspired and agreed to play by is pretty revealing. We are approaching…just days away… from their calculated trend reversal time frame. M&A deals are often years in the making and the crooked players (Market Makers), will work/trend a stock to a target accumulation price to coincide with anticipated major events. The share price action we are observing with HEPA, especially following every positive development, indicates that the shares are being heavily manipulated in order to get sellers. That’s to permit the MM’s pre planned accumulation phase for massive inventory buildup to be prepared to maximize gains. The convergence of the base line and downtrend channel line… with nothing but good news out there being withheld any number of which could trigger a massive gap up and high volume run…argues that a major trend reversal is close at hand…IMHO.