$INO You're all a bunch of whiny premature ejaculators expecting big bucks yesterday. This company is awesome, it had some really bad roadblocks this year but a year later all these politically pumped vaccines are proving to be shit. THERE IS WAY MORE ROOM for success! I made a crap ton on novavax and it was similar, nothing, nothing, nothing BIG UP, then BIG DOWN, I hung on and got rewarded, IT WILL HAPPEN HERE! Probably not as stratospheric as Novavax but if their data is superb this could be a 50$-80$ stock in a matter of a couple hours. So if you're here to short, flip, swing then good luck to you, if you've hung on this long and are leaving good luck. I have 5K shares and I know this will at least triple in the next 3 months (ONLY IF THE DATA IS SUPERB) If it's not then meh I took a chance in my life and gambled 75K...... It is what it is.....