$AMC ....personally this is my take that AA was shady as hell and they got to him...the CEO AA dumped twice a total of 20M shares on the Ape movement...with no company statement to calm the market or explain the move...but he had played to the media with story beforehand... then left Apes to pick up pieces twice....Then he warns everyone not to invest at high prices that its not safe...they got to AA and he sold the Apes out...he knows what his action would do dumping 20M shares on the market to kill momentum...so the interview he tried to save face...it was done shady as hell for a ceo then he claims to read the boards and understand the movement then he knew what was going on all along. If he really did care for Apes maybe he would have done the interview first and explained...nope he used Apes then protected his HF buddies that short retail...sorry i am not going back to AMC with AA at the helm. Shady move in my book against shareholders