$KTOV first isaac has never completely ghosted a milestone before. He has always updated us within a reasonable time frame even if it was delayed. Every milestone has been touched on but the collab. It was supposed to be announced end of Q2 which was June 30 but what comes July 1 instead? An extraordinary shareholders meeting... extraordinary means it’s so important that it can’t wait until the annual meeting. The 4 items on the extra meeting are all run of the mill so why call it on July 1? One day after he was supposed to inform us of a collab or a delay etc... and place the meeting 1 month out, the week before the half year financial update? Why leave an RS completely off the ticket despite trading under a buck? Why ask for equity and stock based incentives? So clearly they want more ownership in the company, equity and stock, they don’t give a flying fuck about compliance or an RS and they tell us this meeting the day after Q2 ends? And isaac has ghosted the collab? Yeah I’m all in
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