$BCRX it’s all starting to make sense to me. I did some DD. The sudden jump in our stock starting May 6th. I know you’re probably thinking , ummm, well that’s when we reported our earnings.. duh! Well yes and no, there was a tid bit during the earnings press release and it had nothing to do with numbers. The biggest single piece of news from this day had to do with the agreement with the FDA on the primary endpoint of our upcoming P3 trials. Why is this piece of info so big? Well, it comes down to timing. It all has to do with a company called ChemoCentrix. Any guesses on what the magic molecule they happened to be working on did and pathway this molecule works in? Google Avacopan The decision on CCX168 (Look at the date) fda.gov/media/148176/download msmoneymoves.com/2019/11/17... This article will refer to our very own @nickpd ! In this article he refers to an article where Nick breaks down why he likes $CCXI. This article was written way back in 2019. Someone absolutely knew something