$BBIG @7ERIC_IN_CT7 Iโ€™m dumping my entire 89.6k shrs right before 5 and running, no-no not just running, sprinting for the hills. Will literarily cash out and then instantly donate 20% of the profits to multiple charities and count my blessings for being out of this Bollywood POS. Will literally go light some candles and say Thank you to the man above for the juicy profits and liberation. What a miserable disaster being in this garbage stk. No squeeze, no upside, nothing ! Delusional fanboys will cry loud daily about some imaginary unicorn prices. Everyday is a living hell. Sell the pops at every opportunity and donโ€™t look back. โ€” No not selling until the next pop or until itโ€™s over 4. Dont ask stupid questions or make stupid comments. And keep the โ€œwell if you hate it so much then just sell it and move onโ€ to yourself. However, I would not mind adding another 11k shrs at the right price just to bring it up to a 100k shr count.