$VBIV Six months since I saw the writing on the wall... I believed back then & I still do today that vaccine companies would have an amazing future... little could I imagine that a month later Covid19 would change the world, produce chaos & vaccine industry would be at the forefront of the world in a fight never seen in more than 100 years. Since then I have kept adding because I truly believe in the science behind this company, the team of experts within the BOD & the future of the amazing pipeline VBIV owns. Its a life changing opportunity for me and many others sharesholders & I intend to see it all the way to the end just right beside Perceptive, Arch & all the insiders whose work is tied to those bonuses. PT $9 to begin with... the future looks bright for us all. Time is on our side now. The best is yet to come. CARPE DIEM !!
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