$USDJPY Timeframe: 1D The wave [4] in the form of a triangle or a double zigzag with a triangle in the wave (X) continues to develop on day TF. In general, there is a triangle in any case, but for now, the question is which way out of it I added a level to the chart in green that confirms the double zigzag. And the orange color that confirms the triangle. But for now it's too early to talk about it, because according to the plan there are still two waves sideways in both cases For medium-term trading this should be enough, but if you need levels for inputs on hours TFs, you can join the premium channel Questions and discussions are available in telegram chat t.me/ewt_chat. And if you like the content, then I will be grateful if you share the link to this channel with friends, let them enjoy it too #usdjpy #forex #forexeducation #elliottwave #forextrader #forextrading #daytrading #forexprofit #forexanalysis #waveanalysis #chartanalysis #tradingview #forexlife #forexsignal