I see $WISH is trending. I think the issue with this stock is not that the business model is bad but more so that apparently back in 2015 Amazon tried to buy it out for 10B and the CEO said no. So an acquisition by Google is very unlikely because it seems ceo is not at all motivated by fast money but wants to be kinda like Amazon itself and that’s a very hard battle. I remember watching the congressional hearing of Big Tech and Bezos is known as being very competitive and was under fire for suppressing his competitors in ways that were sometimes deemed unethical. I think that’s what’s going on here too. It’s most likely being suppressed because it has way too much potential to steal Amazon market share. Maybe now that some former Google Execs moved over here it will reverse soon. Anyways looks like current support is at 5.55. If it goes below there is a chance next stop is 2$ zone. I’m watching & waiting for reversal 👀
@MotoBlowto PPl are bringing up Google and thinking a buyout will happen because some former Google employees recently moved over to $WISH for a management position. But I don’t see a buyout. If they didn’t sell to Amazon years ago why would they sell to Google now. They obviously want to become a big tech company themselves instead of selling to one, that’s why they’re poaching big tech employees