$AGRX Today will be a day that is going to test the nervs of many. There are lots of factors that point to a positive outcome, I can’t forget the risk factor. For that reason I will pray. 🙏🙏lord pls give me the strenght and nervs to stay compose and not make the wrong decision. Pls make this happen lord as many families will benefit from a positive outcome. I come before you because I understand that even with all the factors pointing to a posetive result, I can’t not ignore there is a risk factor in the equation of not been approve. Let my decision come from you and my research, not someone else. Lord you know my family and I need this to happen as it will greatly benefit us. Lord this patch will also cut the numbers of abortions down, it will benefit society in all. My faith and day is place in your hands. In the name of the son, the father and holy spirit, Amen
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