@999BPM just saying it has so much agianst hydrogen. No economy of scale. Logistic nightmare to transport. Still use fossil fuel to make it through electrolysis. If you didnt know, hydrogen was first explore and given governement subsidies during president Bush jr year. Did a paper on hydrogen in college days. Didnt take off instead the focus was towards Batteries. Love the idea of hydrogen since its the most common element in the universe, just too much agianst it currently and the near future.
@Zzzonionzz As i said , i'm sure they should hire you . I can see you are updated on the matter and have such a broad knowledge on the H2 development . Europe is pouring over 500 millions in the H2 infrastructure . South Korea is planning to build 3 H2 powered cities and huge infrastructure as well .Canada is moving too .USA will not remain behind all of them . Still i'm sure they had no idea of what they are doing :) YOU HAVE DONE SUCH A GREAT DD