$AABB $AABBG.X Wen Volume?
$AABB this chart is for mature audiences only. Also, if you don't think technical analysis applies to OTCs, I disagree and can prove it, but I'll not argue the point in this post. On to the chart. Let's get this out of the way, it's been tough, quite frankly ugly. But something significant occurred today and you need to know about it. As I mentioned in the morning, the RSI crossed 30, closing at 28 on the daily frame. So what? So this. The last time this happened was on 10/22/21 (left purple circle). At that time the RSI actually went bellow 20 before a sell signal triggered when it crossed back above 20 (pink up arrow). Then, from left to right you have a series of RSI crosses over 80 (1) and 70 (5) (yellow circles). The cross-back sell signals (pink and blue down arrows) occurred from 11/02/21 to 03/22/22. Then the SP and RSI drifted down and down until today, when the RSI finally crossed below 30 (right purple circle). The next technical buy signal is coming, and with it, volume.
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