" Intel GPU team loses ex-AMD staff in Chris Hook, Heather Lennon" Before Intel even launches a discrete GPU, it has bled out two ex-RTG marketing staffers ($INTC GPU plans stink so much that key honest people are leaving, can't stand the stench) By Anthony Garreffa on Nov 27, 2019 5:28 pm CST Intel did a shady trick of having an NDA of their latest 10th-gen HEDT chips just before AMD's new Ryzen Threadripper 3950/3970X launched -- and then within a couple of days this news breaks out. Chris Hook and Heather Lennon, former Radeon Technologies Group marketing staffers, have left Intel. In the last couple of years they both left the crumbling team of RTG where most of them found a new home at Intel, and now Hook and Lennon have left the odyssey. Given that Intel are really starting to see their wheels wobble in the consumer market with huge market share losses to their consumer and now HEDT processors, AMD is really putting the pressure on them. $GS $C $INTC $AMD
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