$PLAY I tried to warn y’all weeks ago about this. The company can’t survive these losses and people are finally realizing it. Get out of this or keep watching your money dwindle away
@Johnpope89 Thank you John...Appreciate your advice.....I have brought bunch of PLAY and I am in game since April - May....In my assessment, D&B had cash 257MM on June 11 and their cash burn rate was 6.5MM/week (this came in conference all and I believe we can trust the management)...so if all stores closed, they would have lasted 40 weeks or till Feb....Now since Mid May they started operating stores and as of now about 60% in operation...no one knows how much revenue they are generating and how much cash they are burning...I am hopeful something will clear in next ER...as you see my screen shot, i am not in pain as my cost of acquisition is low and I was planning on holding till 20's.... you still think it is not worth waiting till ER and decide ?