$ATNF Btw just wanted to give a SHOUT out to ALL (LT) BULLS/BEARS who’ve posted their positions. Not an easy feat as it involves a certain level of confidence in your convictions & an uncanny ability to disregard other people’s eyes. Personally, I like to talk the talk and walk the walk but if you want to be taken seriously this can be easily achieved without divulging too much personal info (black out whatever you don’t want out there). Whether it’s 1 share or 1B shares, no one cares all good😂 I have 3 separate acts I use but only show my swing trading acct. And I get it also, not a fan of randos/moles/HFs seeing my position (easier to manipulate) but never hurts to instill confidence for novices whilst establishing trust/integrity for a solid LT board of bulls IMO🤝🤜