Watchlist for this week: $GLD looks good to gap up to 185 by eom. $NFLX looks good to test 500 this week. $FB With ER momo and if it breaks 232-233, watch for 242 by ER. $AAPL 380+ by ER. $WMT prime out anyday, watch for new ATHs soon and w news, can fly to 140s even. $TGT chart looks good for 127s this week. $EROS hold and it will pay you big soon. $AMD Gap up to 73+ before ER. $INTC Grabbed some longs at 50, watching for 53s this week. $MARA With bitcoin flying, 1.5 coming IMO. Big ERs this week, so could be choppy at times but stimulus would help pump for this week.
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