$TRCH First - go vote. Second - I have been thinking on how Shorts will cover. If they let it rise every day, it will blow them up because it will bring more eyes on the stock early. Their best strategy to let this go up slowly even if they have to short lot more. Then at the very end, blow up the volume and cover no matter the price. If you are long, the price is going to spike especially on dividend date. It doesn't matter if it goes down or trades sideways in a range for next few days. Yesterday we saw the premarket action with 1 million shares traded I think. Imagine if the verified 14m US shares shorted have to cover on top of international shorts and naked shorts. It will be fun 2 weeks for sure. Now imaging the same scenario with management and institutional shares essentially being locked. Only paper hands will get out when this goes to $10 but that will not be enough so the price can really go up substantially. Good luck. Thoughts on how you think it will play out?