$UAVS just buy dips. Just load low, sell high. Use stop losses to get lowest entry as possible. We were on our 4th trade from $7.40 to $7.55 (1st trade $7.30 to $7.60), and had an order set to sell at $7.49, to both lock in .08, which for some on mu team is $3,200, and then we waited and in big again $7.30. We’ll take it. And after what we made yesterday on that blaster, it’s all house making even more money. But some argue stopping out is archaic. I’m like, so you’d rather have a $7.45 average or $7.25 average? What pays more selling at $7.75-$8.50? Or even $8.25 to $7.50 versus $7.45 to $7.50? Duh.