THE COUNTDOWN IS ON! By this time tomorrow we will have fully transitioned to Discord. Although it’s been a pleasure helping to teach new traders through sharing some of our strategies, which both protect your wealth and help to grow your wealth in truly unprecedented fashions, the free ride is over. And for what is really a nominal fee when one considers the massive amounts of wealth we’ve helped generate and will continue to do so at even greater levels, your heaviest bag won’t be a missed SL and a blown opportunity to get out at break even on some trade, but the missed opportunity to join what I KNOW is one of the most knowledgeable, most passionate, most compassionate, and most lucrative trading groups ever assembled. Once we reach 250 members, and we are already 1/5 of the way there in barely 24 hours, then that is it! As I have emphatically stated multiple times, had a group like this existed when I was starting out, I’d be a billionaire! You’ll miss out on SQUEEZES!!