$AMC reported the GFM. 🤷‍♂️ He’s a fraud. Literally with a police record for it, and he just stole $153,000+ from the movement and apes. Smh. Buy and hodl. That’s it.
@AMC801 again, this is NOT about Wes. At all. 🤦‍♂️ And my position is deep. Been in & hodling since December 2020, loaded at $2.12 in January and kept loading ever since. I’m simply uninterested in the side show bullshit. Put money back into amc or stfu. I’m not here to sue people or institutions. I’m here for the MOASS. That’s it.
@BULLFORSALE100K @AMC801 ytf do you care about Chad? Wes is the legal retainer and wes has confirmed that this is legit. If Wes' word isn't good enough for you to confirm that this is legit and you still doxing chad with 10y old felonies then you are so out of touch with reality. I really don't give a damn about chad and neither should you. What we really matters is Wes and if it's good for Wes then it's good for me. How about you start a tandem movement with your face backing it instead? Don't see you taking initiative.... Anyways chad says he's an ape and has done more than you have done publically you aren't a bear so I dont intend to fight with you on this matter. You're welcome to trash Chad in his discord and demand answers and in which he does actually answer. Everything already answered to death there. Bottom line is, no one's asking you to donate. Out of both of us, one of us obviously doesn't know what they're talking about and just pure speculating . GDAY