$HZNP to be bought up at or near 50dy sma and the BOLLINGER floor as every time she tagged B-Floor it was a opportunity to take up a long position and I expect the 50dy sma to hold up as support and looking at the RSI we are entering the buy loading zone 50 which has always proven to be a good buy just like the BOLLINGER floor has proven to be bought everytime. The STOCHRSI has also entered the Buy zone and I expect the chande trend at the bottom to reverse like previously around the same level raising the chande trend meter score showing the enthusiasm of the BULLS. The MACD has me little concerned but switching over to the CTM indicator telling me we are about to reverse. On this next run-up I expect us to make a new high as previously we have been making higher price labels the next should be in the $90's. If the 50dy gets violated or close below or blow out of B-Floor or below rsi buy level I would be concerned but everything still looks good to me. -American Bull Trades-
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