$SHIB.X SHARE AND ALERT, if you don’t take me serious by now then that is pure neglect and inability to adapt !! Now u know who Kenny is. I just spent every fucken dip , rip with U and saw this board go from humble to excited to arrogant to heart broken to mad and everything on the list due to the psychological warfare you just got handed over for no legitimate reason other than paint you as the pump and dump of the month in efforts to distract another community. YES YOU HEARD CORRECTLY this pussy kenny just took all of your dependable CATALYSTS DD CHART ANALYSIS REPORTS TRENDS and all your members who thought they knew what healthy dips to floors and showed you that it means nothing for fun! U are being illegally attacked and manipulated! I watched you guys go from 100 - 0 yes , I gave all the signal and warning but u guys got caught in the confort zone🚨Wake up ! A mass attack was plotted today like it or not. Lay off the buy button just for today (last day) wait til 5pm PACIFIC