$BTC.X For the first time since the 8th of July shorting whales are covering. I predict the price will go up back to 34K soon. Only screwed up thing is that they do this before and during the weekend.
@TAOcharts $BTC.X A bit late, but here we go. Always ready to help out a fellow trader. It's a dataset that shows borrowed funds from bitfinex. The value of the short positions is measured in BTC. Simply said, the higher the number, the more BTC's are shorted/borrowed.When you see a huge leap within a short time it's usually means one big party is borrowing, like what happened on the 25th of June until the 27th of June when the short position was covered but the whale made a lot of money that weekend on the backs of retail traders. It was tried again (yellow arrows) in 3 steps, a bit more careful but persistent, but it did not have the same effect on the price of BTC like 25th of June ( BTC dropped from $35k to $30k -14.2%). The drop was from $34k to $31k or -8.8%. What will happen next is interesting. Will there be another attack or not.