$CCXI Great company! I wish I was in since May, but I am not. I bought in $29.89 and made a good profit. Now, it's time to move on and research my next opportunity. I don't see this going much higher, short term. Long term, definitely. Good luck everyone. I will definitely keep this under my radar for in any significate drop before the EU approval.
@luvdr1um You got weak hands!!! You can’t expect to get rich overnight. Have you not seen the updated price targets??? I first got in at $9.88 then brought my average up to $9.97 with about 6000 shares. I had to wait 5 months for a 300%+ return, not days or weeks. I just had a $110k day here on Friday after approval. Im not selling until $100+ for at least a $560k payout. We literally have EU approval coming any day now, then sales are going to blow through the roof. Our patent prevents any other company from making a similar drug for the next 20 years and we have NO competition. Plus we have other drugs in Phase l and ll that are also rare. Including 400M cash with no debt!
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