$OCGN Dear Assholes who have been “posting 47.5 oooofff” EAT SHIT 🖕🏻 CC: #masteryanbater #asshat masonat Nvax bois “Explaining the difference between the headline efficacy number and the real world analysis on hospital employees, Jacob John, former head of Centre for Advanced Research in Virology at the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) said that Bharat Biotech’s phase 3 trial was done on the general population, while the AIIMS study is on hospital employees who are highly exposed to the virus, especially during a raging second wave. He added: “The vaccine efficacy against severe disease, hospitalization, ICU admission, or death is almost 100 percent. The 50% efficacy is against symptomatic Covid19 disease. No vaccine in the world is protecting against breakthrough infection. What is important to see is whether it is protecting against severe disease and hospitalizations.”