$EEENF Months from now I will be harvesting my profits, and where will you be? Will you be wishing you could come back to this moment, filled with regret, knowing that you had a chance to achieve greatness? I tell you friends, the moment of truth is upon us! Now is the moment where we must choose! Will we choose the path of regret and cowardice or will we stand at the edge of uncertainty and stare unflinching into the abyss!! Now is the time to buy and hold, not sell. If fear would have me bend my knee, then I REFUSE!!! I will not prove myself a coward for there is no use for cowards in this war!!! Here, I will make my stand, unwavering, and unapologetic!!! Here is where I will hold!!! And should I find myself alone in green fields of wealth with the sun shining down upon my face, I will not be troubled, for I have made it to paradise and you were simply found wanting.