@drgarcia @SecondHandSmoke Use fundamentals for pump juice & TA for $$ targets there are thousands of indicators and they all work... eventually, pick the ones the work for you & ignore the noise. i personally use the KISS strategy & trade trendline bounce & breakouts. entering at resistance Results in a bounce. entering above support results in a breakout & stacks the odds in your favor drastically when executed correctly. always use stops when day trading or you will become an investor &/or take a loss very quickly. remember tho, Losing is the key to being a successful trader so embrace it. take little losses and big wins. don’t watch your portfolio bleed unless your aware of the key levels of support & resistance. If you’re aware of these you will be stopped out with profit & given an opportunity to renter at the bottom. i made this mistake today on ENDO & i posted charts explaining it lol Look at this chart & tell me where I should of had a stop 😉
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