$EEENF I have sort of a fun game I play against myself once I make any sale of shares. What to do with the settled money? 20% of any sell goes into a Closed Ended Fund (CEF) paying a annual dividend between 12% - 20%. That's 1% - 1.66% in dividends monthly. The dividend pay date has to be in the week I make any sale. This way I always have new money to play with to buy stock shares every week. The more sells I make, the more I put into the CEF's. The larger they grow in value and I get more money every week to play with. Amazing isn't it? 20% of any sales remains in cash for buy-backs and new investments. The remaining 60% generally goes back into the stock I just sold if it gets back to my buy-in price or I choose a new investment with it. Walla....constant cash.