$GRWG Now before we get our undies all wrinkled because the price closed below the big old 200 day moving average, consider this: - 2 closes below makes a trend, 1 may just be an aberration - it didn't blow the fuck past the 200 day like it was nothing. It smashed it's head a few times and closed less than 1% below it. If it closes again tomorrow (Friday) below the 200 day OR if it starts doing a dumpster dive during the day tomorrow then perhaps we should consider liquidating elsewhere to buy more of this. (I dumped some recent dividend payers to free up some cash. I'll buy them back before the next dividend.) Time to start watching the 5 minute chart again to get the right price. Take comfort from the words of one of the most popular leaders of the 20th Century: "There is great chaos under heaven - the situation is excellent" I smell opportunity.