@Shakes_Limp_Pickle Trust me, I have spent plenty of time researching both of those things. It's bad luck. Also, please don't take my criticisms of you too personally. I only want to warn the newcomers about your antics, nothing more and nothing less. Once in a great while, I like your sense of humor.
@Shakes_Limp_Pickle Your mommy told you this morning you're special. You change your identity every other breath like a little snowflake that can't bear reality. If you are "gunna" have it both ways, I can too. Fair is fair. I will call you a fake doctor in one breath and a crank doctor in the other breath. At this point I don't care. You're trying to kill the 💲WTRH board vibe and I am determined to thwart you. Think about it from our perspective. Nobody knows who you really are.