$WTRH I have been counting up live restaurant pages for all of Waitr's partnership announcements in the past year. Maps are coming soon. Here are my preliminary numbers: Smoothie King: 441; Virtual Dining Concepts: 348+; Applebee's: 171; KFC (KBP): 131; Nextbite: 125+; Chuck E. Cheese: 91; Marco's Pizza: 80; Red Robin: 56; Denny's: 52; Jason's Deli: 49; Potbelly Sandwich Shop: 34; Boston Market: 34; Long John Silver's: 31; PDQ (Chicken Tenders): 29; BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse: 24 Some of them have expanded and some have shrunk since their respective announcements. This is just a sampling of the restaurant chains Waitr, Bite Squad and Delivery Dudes offer. I am confused why Denny's only has 52 live pages so far. It was supposed to be a huge partnership. Maybe Denny's will soon be rolled out, or I missed something. Carl never said he was abandoning delivery, just a business model that is exclusively delivery. Let's deliver weed like cheeseburgers! šŸš€ šŸš€