@shoaibfatima @Ace81 I just recall last quarter it missed and guidance was considered low but chip demand has increased with Covid and with the Intel news feels very bullish thou correct could still selloff. I don’t think 500 million volume on Friday didn’t dump end of day and then chance to sell today did not occur. If anything might sell tomorrow most likely maybe see 65 then pops with ER beat. I’m holding calls will add more if dips tomorrow, maybe switch to the Jan calls with couple ST puts just in case have to monitor
@JWG82 @shoaibfatima this is strictlyfrom my mobile device it seems isn’t the 1 yr every time and has had a gap it has always been filled. Which makes me skeptical about the new jump from $60-$69 has to be filled. TSM imo is the strongest play here.
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