$BNGO Listen this company isn’t ready for a BO yet. They haven’t been around that long and I’m pretty certain any offer in the millions isn’t going to cut it. The product is great yes, but they are just getting started. May sound stupid but does anyone remember what Justin Timberlake told Jesse Eisenberg in the movie the social network? He said; “Do you know what’s cooler than a million dollars? A billion!” Look these guys aren’t stupid. Hopefully they have strong people in their corner that know how to run a business. I’m bullish because the deals they have coming in aren’t about BO. They are about getting these systems into capable hands. Why would $ILMN buy them out when they just struck a deal with someone that has a contract with $ILMN ? The only thing we need to do is allow them to run $BNGO and be patient.
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