$AMC What? are we poor people too stupid to enjoy the frivolity of life changing financial freedom?Do we not deserve the chance of financial self determination to any end? Its insulting. I feel like the true reason this is working , why we arent selling ,is because for alot of us, this is the most control over our financial existence that we have ever had. We aren't afraid of being broke , we do that daily. I think Apes are more against losing this new found control we have exercised. Im not selling cheap . These Hedgies have been gaming the system,Forever. they are rich, eating good, everyone else too stupid, too poor. Now that gets leveled by Tech/ Social media , and all of a sudden , there's a problem. Figures....We are so close, they are scared. Fuck em . We know what they do . Let's make them lose money, it's funny. They are literally getting rich from our misfortune, and have been for years. Let's pay them back. Stay Focused Apes. We must be doing something right. AMC!