@vixkrieg green new deal gp.org/green_new_deal Yang yang2020.com/policies/clima... Massively different as you can see. Nuclear power and federal jobs being big ones right off the top. I sense though that maybe you dont think climate change is an issue and therefore neither policy matters. If so thats fair. Gun safety yang2020.com/policies/gun-s... When you said confiscation i thought you were going full beto haha. No mention of red flag laws, but it wouldnt surprise me. Really i think if your own family is able to convince a judge to temporarily take away your firearms you've got bigger problems in your life than the 2nd amendment lol🙄 Truth be told i dont agree with all these gun proposals, but rolling stones said i cant always get my way.... Anyways good luck trading today. I suspect a wild one😬
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