$SPY $QQQ Yesterday $MU ER report showed another consecutive drop in earnings, think that was like the 6th in a row now? At least. And really that’s the story of the entire semiconductor industry for years. $AAPL somewhat similar; actually, most of tech is like that with a few exceptions. We get it “the market is forward looking”, right. You know what I think? I think there’s so much cash in the system that’s driven assets higher just b/c it needed to be allocated and driven distortions so heavily that people actually believe the market is predicting some vibrant future for hundreds and hundreds of stocks.... What I really think is that has created some type of mass delusion for all traders, investors, and even the pros. I think that this 30 year secular boom is coming to an end. It may take awhile, but I’d stop buying stocks and look in to volatility strategies and outside of markets