$PRPO Ok so here’s everyone’s chance to sell for a loss. I mean assuming you believe that “ER”? is going to be bad (well it’s going to be better than the last one, yet it still won’t pay a dividend and they likely will still have some negatives on parts of the balance sheet). I mean I just watched a bunch of weak hands panic sell at $RKDA when they missed their already, predicted to be negative, earnings by a large spread. However, if you listen to the call, you easily can hear that they are going places in a major way in the not so distant future. It’s funny how people view the stock market now. Always looking for a reason to panic sell, living to flip for pennies with trembling hands, and ready to believe any bearish lie without an ounce of DD or foresight. NEWSFLASH - These companies that we INVEST in (even if it’s for a hour), do need money, they do have cash flow issues, and some are scams. However some are trying to change the world and need a little help on the way. Is that bad?
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