$PRPO Let is relax and not lose our focus peeps. History lesson time. Scroll back to September 26th. Remember the days prior to that. The stock was red for like a week straight bleeding tiny amounts day by day. Then the support totally broke on 9/26 causing the stock to plummet just above falling into the bears “sacred” $1’s zone. Almost as sure as it did that, a large buy took the stock on bounce right back to $2.40ish and the run was on up to almost $4. So since then we have hung in support in the almost identical average price channel we were in before $2.30’s - $2.40’s and now we are drifting lower. History is repeating itself. I’ve talked about the price dropping into, or below, the $2.20 range, I’ve mentioned the dates 11/8, 11/11, and yes 11/14 almost incessantly. Now instead of being excited as the signs of everything discuss begin to fall into place and the time nears, some are freaking out? Makes no sense. You should be shaking in your chairs, not of fear, but of excitement!
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