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    David Hyun Joined Jan 10, 2011


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      Tim W
      Our mission is to help new and struggling day traders, swing traders and long term investors achieve sustainable success. Success in trading and investing can't be achieved without core fundamental strategies.
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      Dave Gentry
      RedChip Publishes Equity Research on Small-Cap Companies and is also a full service Investor Relations and PR firm. We specialize in emerging growth small caps.
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      Option Alarm
      Trade signals and commentary composed with the individual investor in mind. Wake up your portfolio with options. Try our free trial.
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      Jason Brown
      Stock market coach and trader at
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      Captain Tommy
      Private trader and aspiring author working on first book, "Straddles, Strangles & Stroodles: How to profit from option spreads" expected release Spring 2014.
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      Lisa Wareham
      I believe money makes money I'm a small winery owner and when I'm not harvesting/fermenting I am trading and traveling its a good life I have
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      The Spineless Trader