$PPBT another opportunity for $4 shares. Do we realize the gift we are being offered? There is an opportunity here to add to a company on the verge of a historic run. With our share structure, our current price and the potential dollars of our drug(s), what do you think $4 dollars will get you in a yr? 1,5, 10 percent of a purple share? It’s inevitable, Issac is telling us this in not so many words. There’s no denying he has the mono data that he said four mo ago he would release very soon. He has not. But he has hired a negotiator which he said he would start doing when data was out promising. His combo data is starting to role in. Seems like more sites are opening so tox must be ok. He hasn’t attempted even once to hype this stock, quite the contrary. So why do we think that is? Options include; 1. He’s a moron. 2. Compulsive liar/scam. 3. Mute or mime. 4. Maybe, he has a product that doesn’t need hype, chatter or Reddit. Maybe it speaks for itself thru it’s results. We are close..