$OVV Do not get me wrong I am bullish on OVV Running a Fibonacci retracement from drop off day March 9th I get roughly a 6.03 pull back from todays high at 38.2% A 50% retrace takes us to around 5.35 5.33 was the opening Price on OVV on March 9th March 9th low price was 2.21 then taking todays close of 8.29 OVV is up 275% in little over 50 days I took a profit of 155% the other day I have a buy back on my sold shares at 6.35 I still have other shares riding this baby up so no big deal. Any Guesstimates on a pullback from the peanut gallery on where or if OVV pulls back what that price might be from your point of view?? But she is running a bit to quickly for my liking , and the 7.86 Down Gap was Fill yesterday My guesstimate on OVV is that it goes to around $15 in 6+ months :0)
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