$VXRT People talk about Covaxin and OCGN like it was fuckin amazing. A) They didn’t invent anything Bharat Biotech (from India did) B) 78-81% efficiency in Covid. C) Probable effectiveness on strains D) Injectable E) The two doses are given four weeks apart. The vaccine can be stored at 2C to 8C. This being said, India is currently the hardest hit country by covid. Dr Fauci even suggested they be in war-zone lockdown. They manufacture a vaccine that was developed locally and they aren’t using it in their own people? Yet they’re trying to shill it off to the US via OCGN? They wouldn’t be able to get needles and nurses deployed fast enough. Then think about the follow up vaccine in 4 weeks when round 1 of vaccination isn’t even complete some people would be expecting round 2? Vaxart would have these people vaccinated before any vaccine especially with such a wide population. People medical personnel at risk having people gather for an injectable vaccine?