$XXII CONGO is 100% right. There’s a cabal of folks here who do nothing but ridicule any constructive ideas. Like going to market with Moonlight. Like expecting something from Mish… as if he’s so busy all the time, taking him away for a quick update impedes his ability to run the company. Absolute BS He put this 42% drop in motion. He needs to explain… - why the dilution to Empery at a large discount - what happened to the New Zealand angle? - what is the 3rd leg? - what is the backup if MRTP drags? Did you ever think that all these clowns telling you to stop complaining are the same scumbags that are shorting this all the way way to sub-3? You don’t know them? They aren’t your friends. Who the F are they to tell you to stop complaining, shout you down, or ridicule you with “Mish wrote this letter”. Many are either shorting and/or paid pumpers. Laughing all the way to the bank. Sitting around doing nothing is NOT a strategy. I want answers. Pure Alinsky BS.