$REN.X aave is best coin. I bought a bunch of binance coin at 150 now 300. Crypto is where the money is at. Stkcks are trash until stocks start to pay out interest for buying their shares. Bitcoin. Remember your buying Satoshi. 100 million Satoshi is one bitcpin. One penny get a 100 pennies and you have one dollar. Same concept. Except only 21 million bitcoin. Not even enough for all the rich to own one. Bjy your bitcoin even at these prices. Divide the 100 million by price and the Satoshi are still under .006 cents. And noobs are buying doge coin. Idiots. Can still buy Satoshi which is bitcoin broken down. Goes to a million even a small amount will be worth a lot and have a piece of what everyone in the future will want to own.
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