$JCP It will be an interesting day today to see whether the tide will turn or not. I really hope that it will stay above 1 dollar, but I am prepared for the worst. I try not to toot my own horn too much, but I would like to say that I try when investing to look at the fundamentals of a stock and not get beset by emotions. With the latest update from JCP the stock is trading like it is moving closer and closer to the Abyss when in fact it is moving further away. Now, I would have been very concerned if the update had said they had to revise their guidance lower, but they did just the opposite. As has been mentioned here before by someone, there are shares with 1/10th the revenue of JCP that trade for 10 times JCP's marketcap. If they can't make money on frying pans, then I am fine with them ditching those to just focus on revenue that adds to the bottom line. This is what I see is happening here and I am not panicking if the result of lower revenue leaves the company in stronger health
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