@LiquidRoss @AlienJazzCat @Chartist420 @Lionger @Percules Well, its worse than the FLU but people are scared instead of managing it properly. In fact, no one knows the long term implications. Unlike the flu it has created longer term issues for some. We don't even know what might happen 30 years later. Think about Chicken Pox virus staying in your system forever and coming back as Shingles 30+ years later.
@OldFngGuy @LiquidRoss @Chartist420 @Lionger @Percules Exactly.. what are these people so excited about letting a *completely novel virus* rip through the herd ? Here's the real thing.. They were afraid of looking like pussies wearing masks.. They are afraid of looking like *ShhEeep*. Its all stupid ego with them. Meanwhile, Asia will now eat our lunch, having already learned lessons from SARS