$PRPO Folks try to Understand $PRPO has nothing to do with FDA or waiting for an approval. Main company is Biohit. PRPO is 3 rd party partner company which will deliver the tests. Biohit has been granted by FDA and soon this project should start. I think PRPO is also waiting to hear from Biohit as well. IMO in this week we should hear some movements.
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@Alksel I agree! That was what I was trying to say earlier but I can see that I didn’t explain it properly. I would think prpo supplies it’s study results to biohit who then submits the results to the fda Biohit needs the approval so prpo can sell the home test kits. If Biohit doesn’t have the approval yet, why do some here think prpo will get it first? IDK!
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@Hou_Trader1 Hou, I posted this one after I saw yours. You did it very well. However, since the begining, I think ppl are confused about this. And expecting from PRPO to do something about it. The product is Biohit's It needs to pass with FDA first so they can entitle us to put these tests out the market. Then PRPO gets in the scene of making money. We are tagged up of Biohit's approval results with FDA. This attached pic. from Biphit's ads and PRPO videos. Same product.
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